The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 3

So last Friday we packed up our entire lives and said goodbye to Essex to make the journey to our new life in Cornwall. We’ve been building up to do it since last summer, making weekend trips to towns and villages to decide on somewhere to call home. After finally setting an exchange date we booked our Man with a Van, loaded everything up and made the 280 mile drive to our new home. Aside from unpacking and cleaning, I’ve spent my evenings obsessively devouring The Vicar of Dibley and drinking gin. Lots of gin. Now, as we move into the festive season, I am obsessively excited about Christmas in our new home by the sea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my gift guides these past few weeks; deliverable goodies that will melt even the coldest of hearts. And this week, I’m calling out art – a cross section of magnificent prints and art from independent stores for you to covet. Art is something that anyone can own, on any budget and to any taste, and in my opinion, is always a cool gift. It’s an ideal way to introduce art into someone’s life, who might not have considered art as something accessible to them. The gift of art will transport you back to the time you received or gifted it – I can remeber extactly where and indeed when I gave or received art as gifts.

Anyway, back to my art gift list and this week, I’ve selected a fabulous array of affordable art that would work well as a Christmas present whether your friends and family are near or far. Here’s my picture perfect list of picture perfect gifts from independent stores and artists. As I’ve said, if you see something you like then PLEASE do share – every click is a possible sale for a small business. And if you like what you see, then please shout to the rooftops about these smaller stores on your social channels! PS: Writing these gift guides has given me absolute joy, so really, thanks for reading.

Lauren x

Neil Fendell Posters

A designer from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, Neil creates posters celebrating his local area, encouraging people to rediscover their familiar environments. With expertly detailed scenes from Chelmsford to Leigh on Sea, these are the perfect gift to bring a sentimental touch of nolstaglia to any Essex resident, past and present. They are a great statement piece for any room. Gorgeously illustrated the colours are vibrant. You even get a free gift with most purchases.

Hannah Carvell

Being an owner of two stubborn rescue sausage dogs, I’m well aware of the frankly outlandish array of Dachshund gifts available out there. From pens to hotwater bottles, dog beds to t-shirts. There is so much choice out there that I now consider myself a Dachshund gift connoisseur (note that I refrain from using the word “sausage” in this sentence. Behave!). This Dancing Leaping Dachshunds Screen Print, is part of a limited edition run of only 15 prints. Printed by hand, this is a three layer print hand illustrated by the extremely talented Hannah Carvell. Each print is artist signed and numbered, printed on A3. Varying colours available, Hannah also offers framing to complete your gift. For those not part of the sausage dog appreciation society, Hannah does other goregous artwork too.

Urban Colours

An exploration of shape, line and colour. Jamie’s art interprets traditional local scenes in a refreshing and contemporary way. Inspired by the shapes of a football ground as those of a cathedral, Jamie B Edwards started with Nottingham Forest’s football ground, he has now drawn over 80 around the UK. His work includes football grounds, cricket grounds, landscapes with prices starting from £35 for prints. They also stock washbags. So why not treat the sports fan with an artistic print of their beloved home ground.

max made me do it

Truly extra special gifts, something for parents which will be loved and cherished for years to come. These are personalised prints to whichever name you like, you can choose to include the little one’s date of birth too. Get an extra 10% off if you subscribe. You’re welcome.

Sarah Maddox Art

If you have friends and family of the dog lover variety, consider getting them a pup portrait. Adorable personalised pet portraits that won’t cost the earth. Prices start from £20, you can choose from greeting cards to posters.

Jacqueline Colley

So is anyone else obsessed with risograph art? No, just me? I am in love with so many of the artworks by Jacqueline Colley that I struggled to pick just three to show you. With illustrations inspired by all things travel, curiosity and colour, you’ll find perfect pieces for anyone with a sense of fun!

Jo Stevens

Beautiful and etheriel, Jo creates abstract lanscape, seascape and nature based work. You can pick prints of her stunning work at great prices, or splash out on an original.

Tina Maria Elena

Don’t judge me, BUT I almost didn’t share this artist. As she is technically quote unquote not local. She is one of my aboslute favourite artists, based in Denmark and my piece of hers has a special place in my heart. Tina’s main specialisation is in sensual and erotic art from a woman’s point of view, however her work is wonderfully diverse. I find her art incredibly powerful and indeed empowering.

Sisi & Seb

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach. Prints are exceptionally well priced, starting at around £5, and if you sign up to their newsletter you get an extra 10% off.

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