David Bowie-inspired Gift Ideas

Ok so I know for some of you this week’s blog is going to be as interesting as a bowl of old soup. BUT hear me out. David Bowie (1947 – 2016) was a musical innovator and cultural icon. His career spanned five decades and has had major influences on contemporary art. A chameleonic figure, Bowie repeatedly reinvented himself and challenged sterotypes. The visual potency of his ever-changing identity, which helped cement Bowie’s reputation as an innovative and uncompromising artist, is vividly clear in the legacy he has left behind.

An early example of Bowie’s visual theatricality is the cover of his third album, The Man Who Sold the World, released in April 1971. The cover was a deliberately provocative and androgynous image. So much so that it was considered too controversial for the American market and was replaced with a cartoon image of a cowboy carrying a gun.

It’s been 2 weeks and we’re still very much settling into Cornwall life. As I sit on the floor (the joys of 4G coverage in the South West) in the sitting room I’m still pinching myself that we’ve really taken this leap. So far we’ve pissed off the bin men with our complete inability to separate our recylcing and rubbish adequately – apparently we need to buy a seagull-proof rubbish bag. Damn those guls. On the plus side, we’ve invested heavily in the local pizza takeaway and bakeries. The dogs have never walked so much in their tiny lives, and each time we venture out, we arrive home carrying Kenya who refuses to complete the loop en-paw.

I’ve created this gift list for for the Bowie hidden inside all of us. Know a Bowie fan? Why not treat them. Or heck, treat yo’ self. So off we go, there is no particular order to this rundown. I could have listed David Bowie artwork alone, but I have tried to limit the number I have featured and included items that are from UK sellers and as of today, can be ordered in time for Christmas. See – not just a hat rack. Remember please share if you like the gifts that you see, and don’t forget to shout about and tag the independent stores on your social channels if you find something you love.

Lauren x

Bowie Tree Topper £15

Bowie Tree Decoration £10

Lightning Bolt Stocking £65

Rebel Rebel Art Print £3.99

David Bowie Wedgie £16

Ziggy Tea Towel £13

Bowie Cross Stitch £10.95

Ziggy Stardust Cat Cave £110

David Bowie Ceramic Mug £18.50

BOWIE at Brixton £12

Felt Bowie Pin £8.50

David Bowie Ashes to Ashes Art Print £7.50

Bowie Coasters £17

David Meowie Tea Towel £15.99

Ziggy Stardust Vinyl Sticker Pack £3

Aladdin Sane Tee £14.99

Bowie Shower Curtain £47.95

Rebel Rebel Tee £23.99

18ct Gold Lightning Bolt Earrings £19

Sequin Lightning Bolt Cushion £98

Bowie Bolt Cross Body Bag / Coin Purse £50/£16.50

Lightning Bolt Hoops £45.75

Major Dave Egg Cup £18

Black iPhone Bowie Case £14.99

David Bowie 1966 Art Print £30

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