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This weekend marks 1 month since our move to Cornwall. This week has been filled with Rightmove searches and house viewings. We’re currently looking at investment properties and yet to close on our first deal. Its for sure a test in endurance and perseverance as I’m sure many property investors reading this will know. Already I’ve seen some fabulous wallpaper as well as derelict houses straight out of horror films. Its Christmas eve as I sit down to write, and, as of yesterday we viewed our last property for Christmas and will be taking the next week off to kick back and relax. Today’s activites included a visit to Padstow to buy Oysters (our new Christmas Eve tradition) and say hello to Rick (I wish). Padstow was as you’d expect – empty. We walked around the lanes for a bit with the dogs, getting hammered by rain and hail, before heading back home to begin preparing Christmas lunch. I don’t know about you but I bloody love Nigella and despite going veggie a few years back, I still adore watching her festive programming, and cherish her cook book which was bought for me as a gift. We’ve readied the red cabbage, part boiled our root veg, and prepped the ginger bread stuffing for finishing off tomorrow. It definately pays to prep as much as you can in advance, especically when theres only 2 of you. We’ve planned for a boozy Christmas at ours and certainly don’t want to be slaving away all day when theres mulled wine to be drunk! (yes we’re making our own mulled wine. Chalet hosting in the French Alps tought us a few tricks.) I should also mention that we plan on swimming in the sea on Christmas day, God helps us.

So on to the main crux of my blog post – coffee. For many years, I naively knew nothing about a decent coffee. I’m trying to recal when I changed from a normal person into one of those…coffee snob wankers. We all know one. I will happily admit I am one of this renegade group and its high time we garnered a little more respect. I’m here to tell you with love – if you buy coffee from Costa and think you’re one of us, you are not. You are a stain on society and need your tastebuds removed as you clearly don’t use them. Last time I checked, my hometown was the Costa capital of the UK – with 26 Costa spots. An impressive title to hold I hear you say. There is a clear system for identifying a coffee snob: owning an AeroPress, they travel with their own coffee making kit to ensure a decent brew, owning a variable temperature kettle, or the obvious – a coffee machine. I’ve sought out a collection of gifts for coffee-lovers. As always, I’ve tried to find something for any budget. Remember, if you enjoy the products included in this post, PLEASE share the love on your social channels. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Lauren x

Le Creuset Espresso Mugs

If you’re going to buy espresso mugs, you can’t go wrong with Le Creuset. In my opinion they are the epitome of style and substance combined and will look striking adorning your coffee machine. Those ombre colours are gorgeous too.


The great thing about an Aeropress is just how many different ways you can brew with it. One things for sure, devoted fans say it makes the best coffee. Simply put coffee and water in, give it a stir, let it sit for a time then press it out into your cup through the paper filter. A proper snazzy bit of kit that won’t cost the earth.


Designed with sustainability in mind, the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Lightweight, light-hearted and available in a wide range of styles, materials and colours. My personal go to is the glass/cork in regular and I never leave the house without it. Stylish and fun, these reusable coffee cups made from recycled materials are futureproof, offering a replacement parts section to ensure that your cup grows old with you without impacting the planet too much.

Bialetti Moka Express

Created in 1933, the Bialetti Moka Pot is the epitome of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. A traditional way of brewing coffee in Italy, the Bialetti Moka Express 4-Cup Stovetop is an icon of their coffee industry. Brewed directly on the stove, delivering espresso-like coffee with ease – all with a touch of dramatic flair. Perfect for the travelling coffee-making kit.

Sage Barista Pro Coffee Machine

Easy to master, simple to use. Sage are quickly becoming a household name for their coffee machines thanks to their functionality and realiability, not to mention their sleek design. Sage have a wide range to choose from depending on your coffee requirements. We have the Barista Pro and use it every day. Yes, they are pricey but if you’re someone that usually buys a coffee twice a day, you’ll be surprised at how qucikly the costs even out. Its also worth checking out the Jan sales as you’ll sometimes find various Sage machines with up to 30% off. You’ll thank me one day.

Rhino Hand Coffee Grinder

Hand coffee grinders are ideal for someone at the start of their coffee addiction journey and wishes to get fresh coffee from grinding their own beans. The perfect gift for someone with limited space in their kitchen or who wishes to travel with decent coffee-making equipment. Would also make a great combination gift with the Moka Pot.

Coffee Beans

You will earn massive respect from your coffee lover if you gift them some indy beans to try with their new kit. There is an endless supply of independent coffee roasters in the UK, each with their own signature blend. Although this is all down to personal taste, I’ve included some of my own favourites to get you started if you’re venturing outside of Starbucks for the first time. Mac & Me, 80 Stone Coffee, Allpress, Origin.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa Coaster Set

Any coffee drinker will appreciate coasters. My house is littered with them. My pick is a lush set on Etsy of the the Great Wave off Kanagawa which will look stylish on any bedside table for coffee in bed.

Hario Cold Brew Bottle

This one is for fans of iced coffee. A stylish bottle that will help you cook up a delicious cold brew at home. This bottle is also ideal for those with busy schedules as you can batch-prep in the morning and glug throughout the day. This 750ml cold brew bottle works best with a medium-fine grind and a longer brew time.

Indy Coffee Guide Book

A pilgrimage of high quality coffee experiences, you’ll always know where to find a stellar cup on your travels. Covering Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, you’ll find individual books for each corner of the Kingdom, they’re even offering an Adventurers’ Bundle for £24.99 at the moment.

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Sleek, stylish and suited for the most special of speciality coffee. If you’re already a seasoned V60 user, maybe it’s time to upgrade, I mean look at those gorgeous colours. For those new to drip coffee, V60 is a simple to use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. Perfect for slower Sunday morning brewing and so worth the wait. The name V60 derives from the dripper‘s design – the cone is V shaped and has a 60° angle.

Allpress Perfect Cup Class

Have you ever wondered how your local Barista makes coffee look so easy? Allpress’ Perfect Cup Class is for coffee lovers wanting to take their obession to a new level. Over two-hours, Allpress Barista Trainers will guide you through everything it takes to achieve coffee perfection at home – from extracting the perfect shot of espresso to pouring a silky, smooth flat white. Be prepared to get your coffee buzz on and take your skills to the next level. £70 for a 2 hour visit, based at their cool AF Dalston roastery. If Allpress doesn’t float your boat or London isn’t local, plenty of roasteries will offer similar experiences if you shop around.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

  1. “You are a stain on society and need your tastebuds removed as you clearly don’t use them.” I’m not a regular coffee drinker because it gives me migraines but just occasionally I do love a freshly brewed coffee and I’m afraid I do get it from a coffee shop, although not Costa! This is SUCH a definitive guide for coffee lovers, and I LOVE your tip about the Moka being the perfect travel pot – thank you for writing this post!

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