Gifts for the Homebody

Zoom calls are dwindling, WhatsApp chats are no longer pinging all night long. We’re literally running out of things to say to one another. It’s not that I feel anti-social. I just want it (lockdown) to end. Which brings me to admit, I don’t really have anything to report this week. Its been a pretty meh week if I’m honest. I’ve felt a bit run down, however I think it’s partly due to feeling brain dead from the monotomy of life at the moment. We have friends who live in New Zealand, and man I am SOOOO jealous of their life right now! Not only are they living a pretty much normal life with socialising and shopping, but its also their summer. Ugh.

Anyway, moaning aside, this week’s blog post is all about keeping it cozy. Staying in is the new going out. And let’s be honest: it’s 2020; even people who aren’t self-proclaimed ‘homebodies’ will appreciate any of these gifts to help them embrace their inner Hygge. Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021 is Illuminating and Ultimate Grey (but just good old yellow & grey to you and me). American colour company Pantone believes that the pairing of these shades will help people “fortify themselves with energy, clarity and hope” in a world that’s set to face increasing uncertainty. The bright yellow shade, Illuminating, is meant to evoke the “optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day”, while Ultimate Grey is a much quieter hue that speaks more of “composure, steadiness and resilience”.

When it comes to the home, adding a dose of sunshine and positivity is going to be of benefit to all of us in my opinion. Specifically, juxtaposing Illuminating with Ultimate Grey in linens, bedding and home accessories to infuse vitality and liveliness into the humdrum that is life at the moment. I think we’ll be seeing lots of influence of these colours across interiors this year. I know grey has been a firm fave for a few years – now a classic neutral. But I find myself really taken with Illuminating, its a well-needed refresh – a wash of new hope for whats to come.

Speaking of home, we’ve spent more time in our homes this year than ever before. For us personally – we moved our entire lives over 200 miles during lockdown to a small seaside town where we knew only 2 other souls. We knew it would be a challenge, and I’ll be honest it has been tough at times – a new house in a new town… though I’ve relished the opportunity to organise and clean out junk because I have been home so much. I am definately one of those people that can be ruthless in getting rid of stuff – I find the entire process of clearing out draws and boxes extremely cathartic – what can I say, I’m a Pisces. Its who I am. I look for meaning in EVERYTHING. But at the same time, I know what to keep hold of, and what I have an emotional bond to. Which leads me to explain a little about why I write these gifts lists. I’d like to think I don’t advise readers to buy junk – I believe in the joy that the act of giving provides. The age old saying “its the thought that counts”, is something I whole-heartedly live by. My sister still teases me to this day about making my own wrapping paper when I was little, which I’ll admit wasn’t the best looking wrapping paper, BUT its the care and love that goes into gifting that I am drawn to help with. When you receive a gift that has been chosen specifially with you in mind, thats really special, and you feel it. What better than knowing someone has taken the time to think of you, in a world where we’re all so busy rushing around living our own hectic, chaotic lives.

Anyway, allow me to introduce this week’s blog post – gifts for the homebody. Treat your bestie, your partner, your crush, your neighbour, your parents, or even yourself, to a gift to enjoy at home. These items are hand picked by me to bring an uplifting sense of serenity, fun, restoration and most of all JOY! Because lets face it, we could all do with a big dose of it right now. As always I’ve worked hard to include independent brands where possible, and sellers based in the UK to keep it #local. If you would like me to create a gift guide for something not yet covered on the blog, feel free to comment below, or ping me a message. Or if you’re looking for something specific for someone, I also offer personal shopping. I’d love to hear from you!

Lauren x

Lemon Duvet Cover Set from £38

Undoubtedly inspired by Pantone’s Illuminating, give your bedroom a breath of summer with this gorgeous lemon bedding set. Isn’t it lush?! Not only are Skinnydip championing Pantone’s colour of 2021, they’re giving off some serious fruit vibes. I am loving all fruit-related homeware this year, it’s my pick for summer styling! Watch this space.

Patch Plant Delivery

At Patch, they want to help bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone. To do that, they bring customers fresh, personalised ideas, sourcing the best plants and products from the best suppliers. You can complete a quick survey to figure out which plant is best for you or your gift recipient and then choose your fave green friend! Arriving neatley packaged, along with all the tips an urban gardener could possibly need to look after their new garden. You can choose from small to big plants, with the option to include a lush pot too. So what are you waiting for?!

Loona Concrete Incense Holder £35.50

Simple but good quality. I personally don’t bother splashing out on expensive incense holders – so I’ve included a good mid-price. You can of course go cheaper if you prefer, but hey, this is a gift guide after all. According to Triqis, the Loona Incense Holder is inspired by the organic shape of the moon. The product is available in two colours and when bought as a pair, will fit together to make the moon (snazzy). When buying insence, my absolute favourite is dragons blood. Incense isn’t just for hippies and yoga you know – I find it really calming and restorative… Its also good after cooking if you have stinky smells hanging around in the kitchen! If you’ve never tried it before I encourage you to try it!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art £11.99

Marie Kondo will help you declutter your life. FACT. This beautiful hardback edition of Marie Kondo’s classic book will help transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space with her inspirational step-by-step method. I’ve got this book, and Marie’s concept of de-cluttering really helped me get rid of a lot of crap (and baggage). This lovely edition is a lovely gift for those needing a nudge (and a hug) to have a good clear out. And what better time than now?

The Body Shop Face Masks from £6

No, not the fabric kind of face mask, I’m talking the kind that will take you away to a place of serenity and relaxation. Treat yourself to a gorgeous face mask and lock yourself away for 20 mins to enjoy. My go-to fail safe brand is The Body Shop – there is something for all skin types and remedies, they’re vegan and cruelty free and promote fair trade and supply chains too. A win win win.

Bake Your Own Fortune Cookie Kit £16

Make your own fortune. This kit will teach you how to make beautiful fortune cookies, with lots of delicious toppings included. With British pre-weighed dry ingredients to make these fun fortune cookies, with hidden messages written by you, this is the ideal gift to keep your brain and your hands occupied. Their packaging is eco-friendly and letterbox friendly, and a percentage of all sales is donated to their charity partner, Farm Africa.

The Little Box of Meditation By Bookblock £36.50

This Little Box of Meditation contains all the tools you need to bring more peace and tranquility into ones life through meditation. Whether you’re trying it for the first time, or are more experienced in the practice, these three gifts will make your meditation experience all the more beneficial. Patrizia Collard’s The Little Book of Meditation is full of practical advice, useful meditations and affirming thoughts, while Alska’s 100% soy wax candle brings calming aromas of wild fig into the home, and the Peach Selenite Crystal & Palo Santo Bundle is ritually used to welcome love, creativity and good fortune. Combine these with your favourite chair or comfy cushion and you’ll be ready to meditate your way to a happier, healthier and more relaxed self. If this particular box doesn’t float your boat, check out the endless boxes of JOY that Bookblock has to offer.

Pink Teddy Embroidered Hot Water Bottle £24

Embrace Hygge whilst we see out the final leg of lockdown 3.0. Keep warm and snug with the Pink Teddy Embroidered Stars Hot Water Bottle. Featuring a soft teddy cover with a beautiful embroidered star design in a luxe gold hue, finished in a rose-pink tone, this hot water bottle is one you won’t want to put down.

Biscuiteers Best in Show Biscuit Tin £35

I mean look at these cute little pups! Biscuiteers’ best in show biscuit tin is a celebration of our favourite four-legged friends, from fluffy fox terriers to spotty dalmatians. They’ve even included tennis balls, a bowl and of course a bone! 10 lemon flavour hand-iced biscuits presented in a cute keepsake tin. You can also add a free message card at checkout. Sure to get tails wagging! Biscuiteers also feature biscuit design collabs with great British designer Emma Bridgewater inspired by spring. Perfect for Mother’s Day. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

La Montaña Discovery Set £5

Yep, you read that right. £5. The Home Fragrance Discovery Set by La Montaña, is the perfect little package to give you the opportunity to try all of their gorgeous fragrances in room mist form, so that you’ll know exactly how your candle or reed diffuser will perfume. Including 9 x 2.5ml sprays in a cute wallet, La Montaña’s focus is on sustainable, plant-derived, biodegradable elements that are low carbon footprint, and non-toxic to humans or the environment. Spray them onto the blotters provided, or spritz them around the home. Whats your favourite? Mine is Winter Oranges & First Light. You may recognise the name – I’ve talked about La Montaña in previous posts – they create the most insane fragrances in the most beautiful candles, and were crowned Candle Company of the Year for 2020/2021. Anyway, the usual price for this lovely little set is £25, BUT the fabulous Jonathan & Cass at La Montaña are offering an epic discount for you lot – chuck in the code plummerlover at the checkout and you’ll get this incredible set for just £5 including P&P! (UK only). Not only that, for any of you that make a purchase, you’ll also get a discount off your first candle purchase. Mind blown! You’re bloody welcome.

Midnight Blue – Mulberry Silk Eye Mask £49.50

Guaranteed to give you a restful nights sleep. The devilishly luxurious Mulberry Silk Eye Mask from Drowsy is available in a range of colours. Silk is naturally anti-fungal and moisturising, meaning it won’t dry your skin out. This mask will ensure those extra Zzs in bed without any sort of light interruption, and, even better is that £1 from each sale goes to Mind.

The Chocolatiers Collection Box £22.99

Come on, who doesn’t like to receive chocolate?! Especially Boroughbox’s colourful box of shiny chocolate joy! A dazzling array of classic and intriguing flavour combinations in beautofil bonbon designs. Turning snacks into an art form.

Sen pink sheepers £35

Made from 100 per cent natural sheepskin, and with a sturdy sole, this moccasin inspired pair of slippers is available in a range of colours and styles, the perfect pair to strut around the house in. Crafted from cut-off materials, Sheepers has made sure that the slippers are made ethically, while also making sure workers are paid fairly and their working conditions are comfortable and safe. All the feels. (Size down for a more snug fit at the beginning, they loosen and soften with wear).

Klippan Velvet Wool Throw £58

As the name suggests, Nordic Nest is a one stop online shop for curated Scandi homewares. In the fold is Swedish brand Klippan. Founded in 1879, it’s a reliable brand of woven textiles, so it’s no surprise this lambswool throw is so soft it boasts the tag “velvet”. It features a lovely bumpy honeycomb patterning, which adds to the arresting texture. Soft and cosy, the throw is available in a range of contemporary shades, including the beautifully vibrant saffron.

Moult Soft Alpaca Bed Socks £25

Alpaca Bed Socks are just so soft and cosy you won’t want to wear anything else to bed. Peruvian Alpaca fibres are wonderfully light yet highly insulative making it the perfect threads for cosy socks. A fantastic gift for just about anyone. Choose from 5 lush colours – Brown, Grey, Ecru, Pink and Burnt Orange.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Bath Oil £15

A beautifully British brand, Neal’s Yard Remedies’ fragrant bath oil nourishes and conditions your skin, designed specifically to help you relax and unwind. Cruelty free and organic, your money is well spent with Neal’s Yard, keeping a proud British brand alive. The aromatherapy blend of organic lavender, geranium, bergamot, and cypress essential oils works to enhance your wellbeing, while almond, sunflower, and soya oils leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The perfect gift for someone needing to unwind and destress.

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