The Independent Christmas Gift Guide

Good morning! Make yourself a cup of something hot and take 20 minutes of quiet for yourself. Firstly, has anyone been soundtracking their life with Self Esteem lately? What an absolute banger of a Glasto set she gave in the summer. My pick of the festival for sure. Not that I went. I enjoyed itContinue reading “The Independent Christmas Gift Guide”

My Guide: the Best SPF Products

In the last year my skincare has taken a nose dive. I went from spending an ungodly amount on wonder creams and serums, to not even applying moisturiser! CAN YOU IMAGINE?! This is what happened when I had a baby – (skin)hero to zero. I’d like to think that thanks to some post-birth black magicContinue reading “My Guide: the Best SPF Products”

Alfresco Dining: Serving Platters of Joy

Well hello you. It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it. So much has happened since we last spoke. I’ve gained a baby. I’ve lost a dog. I’ve gained a few more wrinkles. I’ve lost a lot of hair (thanks pregnancy). It’s been a year since my last blog post. A whole year since my lastContinue reading “Alfresco Dining: Serving Platters of Joy”

Cold Water Swimming Changed my Life

I’m standing at the water’s edge of the sea pool at Summerleaze Beach. And I can completely understand why I’m virtually alone. Most people don’t see the point of spending a baltic Christmas Day plonking themselves into 2 degree seawater. I mean lets be honest, stepping into the sea in December is pretty awful. EveryContinue reading “Cold Water Swimming Changed my Life”

Beard Appreciation: Gift Guide

Well what a week. WHAT A WEEK. On Wednesday we celebrated husband’s birthday. Which coincided with completion on our investment purchase!! We are officially property investors. BOOM. We got a call from our solicitor at about 4pm to confirm, just as we arrived at the sea pool for a cold birthday swim. The property isContinue reading “Beard Appreciation: Gift Guide”

Guest Post: Eco Warrior Gift Guide

I’m taking a break and handing over the reins to the lovely Caroline for this weeks’ guest blog post, who has written a fantastic Eco Warriors Gift Guide, filled with lots of great ideas for the green queen in your life. Please show her some love and check out the fab products she’s showcased forContinue reading “Guest Post: Eco Warrior Gift Guide”

Oh Mutha: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Maternal love: comforting, boundless and complete. It’s a bond to celebrate, whether it’s for your actual mum, step mum, mother-in-law, a friend who’s just become one, an adoptive auntie, or (drop the selflessness for a moment), yourself! All that our mother figures do for others day-in, day-out, for zero in return. Just becasue they’re damnContinue reading “Oh Mutha: Mother’s Day Gift Guide”

A Good Clear Out: Donating Items in Lockdown

As spring time and FREEDOM quickly approach (thank you Boris!), if you haven’t had the urge to strip out your wardrobe or clear out your garage, you’re missing out. As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I love an excuse to get sort out and get rid of stuff, and can be surprisingly heartless whenContinue reading “A Good Clear Out: Donating Items in Lockdown”