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How Does it Feel?

My head is swimming this week. I’m sure you know by now that the remains of Sarah Everard have been found in woodland. Another woman’s life snuffed out by a man. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Maybe its because we’re a similar age, maybe its because it could have been anyContinue reading “How Does it Feel?”


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About Me

Last year, we sold our home in Essex and moved to Cornwall. Previously a HR Manager at a racecourse, I decided to step away from my corporate career and focus on a creative outlet that felt more in line with.. well.. me.

After years of being totally obsessed with small independent brands and charity shop bargain hunting, I would always get so many, where is that from? requests that I finally decided to write my own blog.  

With a background in fashion retail, kick started by work experience at Habitat, I’m passionate about interiors and helping people find the perfect gift. I’m married to Martin and have two rescue sausage dogs – Zulu & Kenya.

I am obsessed with vintage and retro styling and promotion of local, small businesses.

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