Let There Be Light: Candle Gift Guide

Ah, 2020. What a year. One that will go down in history. If anyone had told us this time last year that London would become a ghost town, that gigs would be cancelled, that shoppers would fight over loo roll, we’d be confined to our homes and spending Christmas away from loved ones, we’d haveContinue reading “Let There Be Light: Candle Gift Guide”

Giving Back: Charity Gift Guide

My family are coming to visit this weekend. We’re an incredibly closeknit family, I’m one of three sisters and theres only a couple of years between each of us. It is complete and utter chaos when we’re all together, and I couldn’t love it more. So much so that it has been an intimidating sceneContinue reading “Giving Back: Charity Gift Guide”

David Bowie-inspired Gift Ideas

Ok so I know for some of you this week’s blog is going to be as interesting as a bowl of old soup. BUT hear me out. David Bowie (1947 – 2016) was a musical innovator and cultural icon. His career spanned five decades and has had major influences on contemporary art. A chameleonic figure,Continue reading “David Bowie-inspired Gift Ideas”

The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 3

So last Friday we packed up our entire lives and said goodbye to Essex to make the journey to our new life in Cornwall. We’ve been building up to do it since last summer, making weekend trips to towns and villages to decide on somewhere to call home. After finally setting an exchange date weContinue reading “The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 3”

The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 2

If you read my blog last week, you will know that I am on a gift guide mission. I’ve really gotten into blogs this year, perhaps its because I’ve got so much more time on my hands with being at home. My new favourite thing to do on a Saturday and Sunday morning is toContinue reading “The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 2”

The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 1

As we find ourselves in lockdown 2.0, with much of our highstreet and independent businesses in the dark, we rapidly approach Christmas. CHRISTMAS!! It’s coming up fast and I know for all of us it’s a welcome (and much needed) distraction. We’re currently in the process of relocating to the South West and plan toContinue reading “The Independent Store Gift Guide: Part 1”