Cold Water Swimming Changed my Life

I’m standing at the water’s edge of the sea pool at Summerleaze Beach. And I can completely understand why I’m virtually alone. Most people don’t see the point of spending a baltic Christmas Day plonking themselves into 2 degree seawater. I mean lets be honest, stepping into the sea in December is pretty awful. EveryContinue reading “Cold Water Swimming Changed my Life”

Gifts for the Homebody

Zoom calls are dwindling, WhatsApp chats are no longer pinging all night long. We’re literally running out of things to say to one another. It’s not that I feel anti-social. I just want it (lockdown) to end. Which brings me to admit, I don’t really have anything to report this week. Its been a prettyContinue reading “Gifts for the Homebody”

Cocktails & Dreams: At Home Cocktail Edit

This week, I’ve reached my lockdown limit. So far, things have been fairly static. Get up, eat the same breakfast, the husband and I go to work (AKA sit at the desk procrastinating and argue over who’s turn it is to make lunch), make dinner, eat it ridiculously early, watch TV and go to bed.Continue reading “Cocktails & Dreams: At Home Cocktail Edit”

Gift Guide: The Adventurer

Even on a good year January is always a difficult month. She is the whore of the calendar (sorry to those with birthdays in Jan. Sorry Kirstie). Bank accounts are struggling, livers are strained thanks to Christmas, thanks to an obscene amount of Gavi. The weather is generally shite, it’s wet and windy and prettyContinue reading “Gift Guide: The Adventurer”

Dear Diary: Stationery Gift List

This week has been a busy one. As the whole of the UK breathed a heavy collective sigh at the return to work/normality after the Christmas and NY break, I’m sure I wasn’t the only thinking ‘what now?!’. I made the stupid decision to go caffeine-free, sugar-free and alcohol-free for January, having spent most ofContinue reading “Dear Diary: Stationery Gift List”

Let There Be Light: Candle Gift Guide

Ah, 2020. What a year. One that will go down in history. If anyone had told us this time last year that London would become a ghost town, that gigs would be cancelled, that shoppers would fight over loo roll, we’d be confined to our homes and spending Christmas away from loved ones, we’d haveContinue reading “Let There Be Light: Candle Gift Guide”

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

This weekend marks 1 month since our move to Cornwall. This week has been filled with Rightmove searches and house viewings. We’re currently looking at investment properties and yet to close on our first deal. Its for sure a test in endurance and perseverance as I’m sure many property investors reading this will know. AlreadyContinue reading “Coffee Lovers Gift Guide”

Cornwall: Our Relocation Journey

Friends, family and those of you that follow me on Instagram wouldn’t have failed to notice we (the husband and I) have moved to Cornwall. After taking forever to plan, it ended up happening very fast, so much so that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it. I’ve been waiting so long toContinue reading “Cornwall: Our Relocation Journey”