Cornwall: Travel Bucket List

This last week the husband and I have been spending all of our time in the same setting doing the same activities, as I’m sure everyone has. We’ve been laser focused on our property investment business, trying to close an exciting offer. I’m excited to say that as of late Thursday night we had ourContinue reading “Cornwall: Travel Bucket List”

Gift Guide: The Adventurer

Even on a good year January is always a difficult month. She is the whore of the calendar (sorry to those with birthdays in Jan. Sorry Kirstie). Bank accounts are struggling, livers are strained thanks to Christmas, thanks to an obscene amount of Gavi. The weather is generally shite, it’s wet and windy and prettyContinue reading “Gift Guide: The Adventurer”

Cornwall: Our Relocation Journey

Friends, family and those of you that follow me on Instagram wouldn’t have failed to notice we (the husband and I) have moved to Cornwall. After taking forever to plan, it ended up happening very fast, so much so that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it. I’ve been waiting so long toContinue reading “Cornwall: Our Relocation Journey”